Which Elements Should Be Part of a Luxury Kitchen?

What should be in a luxury kitchen in UAE? Historically, the living room and the kitchen were designed as separate rooms. Today, they serve as the hub of the home, and they should complement one another. Design your luxury kitchen around how you want to spend time socializing and cooking in it. Then, determine the layout, space requirements, and flow of traffic. Lastly, think about the materials and appliances you will want to use and the overall look and feel of the room.

Granite countertop

A luxury kitchen should have a granite countertop. Granite offers many advantages over other types of countertops, from a customizable look to its ability to resist stains and scratches. In addition, it is the perfect temperature for preparing hot chocolate and is difficult to scratch. If you’re on a tight budget, consider installing granite tile instead of a slab. Granite tile looks nearly identical once installed and is much cheaper than granite slabs.

Use high-quality materials

When designing a luxury kitchen, the materials used are often of the highest quality. For example, granite countertops have a high aesthetic value. They are also highly durable, especially when scratched and stained. Stone countertops such as marble and quartz don’t need to be coated, making them a great choice for high-end kitchens. Some luxury kitchens even have a glass, metal, or copper backsplash.


There are several ways to design a luxury kitchen, and appliances are an important element in a high-end space. Choosing the correct appliances is important – many luxury kitchens have a range of up to AED 50K in spending power. While it is possible to mix and match different luxury appliances, it is best to stick to the same manufacturer, as suites can often be discounted. Luxury kitchens are often designed with multi-function appliances in mind, which can accommodate both everyday cooking and entertaining. Investing in these modern conveniences can be quite a worthwhile investment in your kitchen design.


The best luxury kitchens have great lighting to make the space pop. Recessed lighting or ornate fixtures are great for a modern or traditional kitchen, while softer scattered light is perfect for highlighting details. Lighting in a luxury kitchen is more important than its price tag. Incorporating four layers of lighting can make the space look inviting and welcoming while remaining affordable.